There’s only so much time in life… And I’m slowly coming to terms with how I may never achieve ALL that I want.

It’s like that girl-raising game (美少女夢工廠) I played in my early teenage years… You only have set amount of hours each day to pick and choose the skills you want to improve, the opportunities you want to provide, or the money you want to make. I remember how I started off really greedy.  I wanted my girl to learn everything and be good at everything. But she didn’t end up having the money to complete her tuition, nor did she have time to get out and meet people who can change her life.

After trial and error (and reading cheats and game guides online), I was finally able to get my girl to become experts at things, or be lucky enough to catch a break by meeting special people (right place, right time… where’s the guide for my life on this?!).  To achieve that, to get “special endings”, I always had to choose just one strength to focus on though…  I couldn’t be experts at multiple things, nor could I choose to marry the prince and still be a professional dancer.

And perhaps in this life, I need to make that decision too.  What do I want?  I want to be a good teacher.  Then maybe I need to give up a few hobbies.  I want to marry and have children.  Then maybe I need to stop dreaming about what-if’s and start to look with logic…  Whatever it is I decide that I really truly want, I know I need to start concentrating.

But what if I just want a life with you?  Maybe, I can’t help but wait…


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