Graduation 2015

No, not for me… We had a ceremony for the preschoolers who are going to primary next year. I’ve been their teacher since the beginning of 2014. It’s difficult to deliver a speech when you’re overwhelmed with emotions. There may have been more than a few tears yesterday…

Can I get a show of hands for those who have seen the movie “inside out” this year? Keep your hand up if you’ve seen it more than once. Twice. Keep your hand up if you’ve re-watched it 10 times to find quotable moments for a graduation speech. No? For those of you who haven’t seen it, spoiler alert, i may give some of the plot away. 
Now there’s a certain memorable character in the movie that would have made everybody tear up. “Who’s your friend who likes to play?” ***Children respond: Bing Bong Bing Bong***

That’s right, his name is Bing Bong, he is Riley’s childhood imaginary friend. For me, he was particularly relatable to early childhood educators. While we may not be made of cotton candy, we most certainly put on different characters and on various days, part cat, part elephant, and part dolphin. 

We are here to have fun with the children and make their days enjoyable. But more than that, we are here to nurture their kindness, to build their resilience, to encourage their empathy, to stimulate their curiosity, to follow their creativity, and to support their growth in every aspect… whether it be physical, social, cognitive, emotional, or spiritual.

Most of all, we are here to provide them with a loving, nurturing, safe environment while they are away from all of you. I always appreciate the weight of that trust, when you place your most precious child into someone else’s care. And with that weight, I always look to give children the best possible learning environment while they are here.

Putting the yearbook together was particularly emotional for me, as you know, I’ve been with these children for two years. 

Some of you have grown so tall you’re making Emily feel small again. Some of you now have so much to say that Emily barely needs to speak. Some of you are so organised that Emily watches to learn a thing or two while packing away. Some of you are so creative, you inspire Emily to try to draw again. But more importantly, everyday, I see such openness and kindness from children towards each other, that continues to warm my heart and make my world beautiful. I know that I will miss them all dearly and miss every single one of these voices call out “Emily”.

While science says most of brain development occur in the early years, we know from experience, that most memories from these times, fade. I know that the details of these years will fade away, I just hope that as their teacher, I was able to give them all the best things they deserve. And in turn, provide them all the necessary skills and tools for the next stage of their lives. As they go on singing loudly on their rainbow rocket ship, this is where Bing Bong and I hop off.

I’ve had the time of my life with these children. I know they will all go on to have wonderful lives. So as Bing Bong would say, “take her to the moon for me, ok?”


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One response to “Graduation 2015”

  1. Norah says :

    This is a beautiful post. How fortunate were those children to have you as their teacher. The specifics of memories may fade, but the feelings will not. It sounds like you all had s wonderful time.

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