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In hiding

sometimes we hide, not to be alone, but just to avoid dealing with the truth.

Before I forget…

Browned 80g butter with 3 bananas in a pan. Blended 0.5 cups of oats. Added 1 egg, 1 cup flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/3 cup agave nectar, 1 tsp vanilla paste, and a pinch of salt with a dash of rum. Mixed with a fork and added rolled oats. Baked at 180°C for 35-40min (then left it in the oven over dinner).

Made 9 muffins. 

Note: add walnuts next time. 


Happy curry

Certain things remind me of how it feels to have that happily-ever-after fulfillment flow through my veins.  I’ve missed cooking you, green curry!

Green Curry

Home-made green curry (pre-basil/chilli)

[DIY] frame of hope


It should be left the way it is now; see hope is so abstract anyway… You’re hoping for something in that empty frame!

Said a certain visiting artist in my dining area. Perhaps he’s right. The way it is, I can see light, I can see movement, I can see growth, I can see change. And through it, I can see what I want to see.


[DIY] More Polished

One of my many vices include the superfluous accumulation of nail polishes.  Online shopping dictated my fate of owning multiple polishes of similar shades.  (Plus I’ve been told by my hair stylist that I can be a little colour tone-blind at times…)

So when I saw this little gem on Pinterest I was immediately inspired:


Found this on Pinterest

I had such fun putting little hats on my lacquers last year…

Cut pieces of masking tape and paint them with two coats.  Wait till completely dry.  Stick on top of caps then carefully trim to fit.

Yet somehow I’ve accumulated more since then…


2014 Updates

IMG_8699Strangely satisfying seeing them all topped up with corresponding colours~ <3

Need more fingers and toes now please.

[DIY] Aztec Nails

I’d like to believe that creativity is a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets.

I may be weak, I may be limited, but I’ll work on it till I fulfill my potential damn it!


Drew on the squiggles on white nails with markers. My left hand is severely underused and the lines are very smudged; but I love the colours and they makes me happy! : )


20140419  The nails chipped and I had some time to spare.  Round two:


[Craft] Washi-tape dispenser

I say life is about doing things that make you happy.
It’s very important to know what makes you happy.
I’m very fortunate in that many things make me happy.

Washi tapes make me happy.

Craft makes me happy.

Organising makes me happy.

Spending one hour on making a washi-tape dispenser makes me super-duper extra happy.
(Saw this link on Facebook and have been wanting to make it for weeks!  Such a brilliant idea.)



Judge all you like, but I’m totally living life.

Awaiting Destiny

下午兩點悠哉的洗了米, 按下電鍋後, 慢慢散步去買菜.
三點半吃炒飯當午餐, 剩下的夠我裝兩個便當盒.
上班族的生活, 倒數三個禮拜…
不知不覺的, 一切輕鬆了起來.

過好自己的生活, 等待與你的邂逅而已嘛!

我等待的你, 也在認真過著你的生活, 期待著與我相認, 對吧? : )