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Simple gesture

Pressing a few buttons on the phone is such a simple gesture; yet the thought that precedes it requires much effort and intention. It warms my heart to hear your voice. Thank you for the unexpected surprise. I appreciate it, very very much.


Believe in Magic

Doubt crept in when the clouds turned grey, and I thought I was losing my magic.   Turns out the sun shines bright and I still got it.

Super grateful and appreciative of this chance to prove myself.  Time to work hard to make the most of what I’m given!


May you all share this joy and use your magic for the good of this world!!


Appreciation #216

May we never lose the ability to see beauty – for it is everywhere. In the passing breeze, fallen leaves dance; in the ray of sun, water droplets sparkle. It is in the eyes of mothers and the laughter of children; in the touch of our loved ones and the smiles of strangers.

No matter what happens in the busy lives we run, may we never forget to see the kindness that surround us. It softens our hearts and fill us with hope for humanity and love for this world.


Brief recess

After a few weeks of panic, anxiety, and being overwhelmed with the sheet volume of work involved in the move, I am physically removed from the nonstop chaos in Sydney. Finally, I’m able to take the time to rest, allow myself to just breathe, and let those stress hormones level out a bit. Underneath all the sweat and grime, is an ever-flowing, constant state of love and appreciation for all that’s happened and still to come.

It’s been such a whirlwind process; the aftermath still to be faced upon my return. Yet all along, I have been so very blessed, with great friends that have cheered me on and physically offered help. Really couldn’t have gotten where I am without them pulling me out of the state of defeat, steering me into the right direction, feeding me when I’ve neglected self-care, and of course, being extra pairs of hands and arms. So humbled by the kindness that people have shown. So very very grateful for all that had been accomplished.

I am so very very blessed… And though yet to come up with the HOW, I’ll make damn sure I give multitudes back to my dear friends and to this fabulous, kindness-filled wonderful world. My god you’re all awesome!!! Mwuahs!!!


I’ve always been drawn to the power of language and words.  There are much more powerful forces in life of course, such as music, art, and more; but language, words, and writing, have always had a profound effect on me.

With the ease of access to the vast array of information out there, I find myself constantly searching through link after link, page after page, hungry for inspiration.  Every so often I read something that prompts new connections to form in my brain.  It makes me a little richer, a lot more grateful, for what is out there.

Then I came across Jason Silva, whose words are so eloquently strung they put me in awe.  The way he speaks, the messages he tries to convey, the images he engineers… indeed, like he says, makes you have to “reconfigure, upgrade your mental schemata, just to accommodate, just to take in, the scale of the experience” (The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck).

And what a blessing it is, to become awestruck, in the life that you lead.  To see for a second how our miniscule singularity fits in to the infinite vastness of this universe, to connect with the vibrations that carry through existence; it lifts me up from the worries of my daily life and fuels me with the motivation and energy to become better.  To do more, to improve myself, so I can in my own little way, spread the positive power I have been so blessed to experience.  I will learn more, process more, so that I may one day, have the capacity to strike a little awe into others.

Meanwhile, I’ll learn to appreciate the little things in life.  It shouldn’t take bigger, grander things for me to be in awe.  I want to appreciate the amazement in the webs of a spider, in the shine of full moon, and the smell of the ocean.  I will experience joy in the smell of coffee, the warmth of the sun, and the laughter of a child.

And I cannot help myself but to be awestruck, with the depth in your eyes, the gentleness in your soul, and the mind-blowing incredible awesomeness that is you.




Light as a feather and full to the brim, this is the reality to top all dreams.

Thank you for waking me up.

Everything is awesome ; )


They say that a teacher’s expectations of their class significantly impacts on the class’s achievement in test results.  I feel the same way about young children, how we expect them to behave often directly correlates to the choices they make.  So when I noticed that I intentionally lowered my expectations for the most important people in my life – families, friends, partners; I had to reevaluate.  Sure, it would be great if I could take things as they come and just have zero expectations for future events.  Unfortunately being THAT ‘present’ is too far a stretch for my wondering mind…

So it came down to a choice, of taking that risk to be vulnerable (see fear of disappointment).  Over the past few months, I’ve experienced such joy and restored much faith by allowing myself to trust.

I trusted that my friends would be mindful.  Alice, remember that day that I dropped you off to get your car, and you offered to cross the rails and let me drive on?  That made my day.

I trusted my family to be supportive.  When my brother helped me with major service of my car on a weekday, he showed how capable he has become, and I’m so proud.

I trusted my dates to be considerate.  Forward planning, locations, time of the day, what to do…  I haven’t been disappointed by the logistics for a long time.  Chemistry can’t be forced, but I am still so appreciative of the good in the people I’ve met.  Of course, not all of them have been lacking in that department… so we’ll wait and see how that pans out.

You’d think these are the basics, but it took a lot of courage for me to trust in others.  And you know what?  It’s so pleasantly surprising how mature the people in my life are.

By taking a chance, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the beautiful souls around me.  Not only do I now have more strength to keep up high expectations; I feel like I can handle rejection and disappointments better too – by not taking it personally.  Just like sometimes even the most well-behaved child will accidentally break your favourite mug, we can’t focus on the stains in the rug.  I’d much rather just choose to hope and believe in the best in everyone.

What you see in others is a reflection of yourself.  I’d like to take that bar I’ve lowered and add some wings to it.  Sky is the limit.  Let’s soar.