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Fear of ginger

Growing up, I was a very picky and annoyingly fussy eater.  I had many aversions, the most severe of which was towards ginger.  Now that posed a lot of problems for me as an Asian kid… Especially when we have seafood.  Practically EVERY SINGLE SEAFOOD DISH in Chinese food has ginger in it.

Mum used to try to hide it, take the ginger out before putting it on the table.  But she never fooled me!  Nop.  Even if that one tiny slice of ginger is invisible, it had done its damage to the dish and now “ruined” in my stubborn little mind.  I would spit the food out and outright refuse to take another bite of the dish… Oh the wonderful seafood I must have missed out on!

This ‘sensitivity’ continued for years, decades, even after I’ve grown to love garlic and onion and all the other things I used to avoid as a kid.  I still frowned at the sight of ginger slices in any dish and sneered upon all ginger-flavoured foods including ginger beer and gingerbread.  The thought of having to put ginger in my own cooking was always a struggle… Until recently.

For some strange unknown reason, 2014 keeps bringing breakthroughs.  One day, I just decided I’m no longer gonna let this ginger aversion define me.  I began using ginger in my soups, roasts and stir-fries.  I even put sliced ginger in my thermos drink bottle (along with goji, red dates and ginseng).  Mum has been nagging me for years on the basis of chinese medicine, how ginger warms the body, is great for neutralising the ‘cold’ in our energy system etc etc.  Well, mum, I’m gonna conduct an experiment on myself to see if it’s true.  I will drink this concoction of “things that are good for you” daily and put ginger in as many dishes as realistic… And we shall wait and see if my circulation magically improves!

Even if nothing happens… I’m kinda just proud to have eliminated a daunting fear that’s terrorised my childhood dining experience.  Liberating.



Just holding on

Perhaps I’ve been pushing myself too much… I probably should ease up on carrying children and exercising while my body tries to heal the ‘laceration’ :-/

The GP said, I’ll start with every second stitch and see how we go. Four came out… Two left in. Holding together the red trench that’s still bursting to open.

The balance between the over-worrying paranoia and the faith to have in your body is a tricky one. I guess more awareness was required to accurately sense what my body needed from me.

At this moment, rest, may be wise. I’m sorry I’ve taken you for granted. Forgive my over-use, and let me give you time to heal…


To be lying on the hospital bed, watching the doctor teaching a medical student and explaining the suturing he was performing on my arm… Brought me all new respect for the medical profession.  Thank you, for the rigorous training you endure to help the people in need.

Oh and was I in need.  I’ve never been so vulnerable. An open cut on my forearm, deep enough to reach muscle structure.  To see a hole in my arm that most undeniably was not going to just heal itself.  It was a new experience for me at the age of thirty.

To understand the fragility of the human body…  How easily I could have done a lot more damage…  Had it been closer to my elbows, tendons.  Had it been closer to my wrist, blood vessels.  Lucky.  I am.

And to have the nerve to stomach the wound; to stay calm and apply pressure after squishing the flesh back in; to be able to call for help, to have received help…  Blessed.  I am.

To have made this cut myself.  Well.  Careless.  I am.  Perhaps it was a lesson learnt the hard way for me, but hopefully it raises safety awareness in the micro world around me.

Life is fragile.  Take care my friends.

Resisting Withdrawl

Didn’t have time to make coffee yesterday… Was it a coincidence that a headache came on?

Cold turkey.

All or nothing.

I can feed my body what it needs, or completely starve it from what it craves.

Yet, if it’s something I’ve wanted my whole life, why not indulge in this addiction?

6.30 am.

Waking up early to make coffee…

Yep.  Happiness is definitely a choice.

Run Emi Run

I love this energised feeling after a run. And I love the wind in my hair when I sprint. Another reason to get fitter… To be able to sprint faster for longer!




Healthy Snacking


想當年剛開始打工時, 賺進的零花幾乎八成都花在吃. 反正在雪梨也買不到合我身(高)的衣服, 上大學也不會特別想買多貴的東西. 當初清的要死, 又有門禁, 也不太花錢打扮… 小毛頭一個, 也不懂得去什麼高級餐廳享受雪梨美食(現在也不懂喇, 只能等老饕們帶 XD). 回想起來真的是花了很多冤枉錢吶! 那時候看到就嘴饞, 無聊就想吃. 又不懂得節制… 後來轉系對身體和食物瞭解些後才終於對自己的行為比較有自覺, 大大徹.

吼吼, 開玩笑, 那一陣子我可是標準的很, 清一色是去脂去糖, 能生食就生食, 能帶皮吃的不去皮, 有粗糙的絕不選精製的(穀類米麵包等等)… 水果, 奶製品(Dairy), 蔬菜, 蛋白質(肉蛋豆), 每天可是均衡又適量呢. 還記得當時的身體調理的極佳, 自己對自己的需求很敏感, 看到油炸或多糖的甜品連想吃的念頭都不會有呢! Read More…

Hunger vs Dehydration


其實要真的認真的傾聽身體的訊號極不容易啊! 很多時候, 尤其是在工作時, 特別容易明明才剛吃過午餐, 卻還是嘴巴癢想吃東西… 我自己也是過久了才發現, 一直在空調室內的我, 早就讓身體缺水到不行了啊! Read More…