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[DIY] frame of hope


It should be left the way it is now; see hope is so abstract anyway… You’re hoping for something in that empty frame!

Said a certain visiting artist in my dining area. Perhaps he’s right. The way it is, I can see light, I can see movement, I can see growth, I can see change. And through it, I can see what I want to see.



[DIY] More Polished

One of my many vices include the superfluous accumulation of nail polishes.  Online shopping dictated my fate of owning multiple polishes of similar shades.  (Plus I’ve been told by my hair stylist that I can be a little colour tone-blind at times…)

So when I saw this little gem on Pinterest I was immediately inspired:


Found this on Pinterest

I had such fun putting little hats on my lacquers last year…

Cut pieces of masking tape and paint them with two coats.  Wait till completely dry.  Stick on top of caps then carefully trim to fit.

Yet somehow I’ve accumulated more since then…


2014 Updates

IMG_8699Strangely satisfying seeing them all topped up with corresponding colours~ <3

Need more fingers and toes now please.

[DIY] Aztec Nails

I’d like to believe that creativity is a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets.

I may be weak, I may be limited, but I’ll work on it till I fulfill my potential damn it!


Drew on the squiggles on white nails with markers. My left hand is severely underused and the lines are very smudged; but I love the colours and they makes me happy! : )


20140419  The nails chipped and I had some time to spare.  Round two:


[Craft] Tree on the wall

Traced out leaves, laminated and Blu-tac'ed on the wall.  Gigantic family tree on display : )

Traced out leaves, laminated and Blu-tac’ed on the wall. Gigantic family tree on display : )

[Craft] Tree trunk

I love my job.  It gives me such great pleasure that I wish I had more hours in the day to do work!

One of the inspirational power words I stuck on my wall included “create“.  Well, this week, I created literally the largest object in my life – I made a tree!

The joy that came from creating was so uplifting.  It reaffirmed my choice of career from a very different perspective – not that I needed convincing.  To get out of the drag of mundane routines and produce something I am proud of, it was time well spent.

Sure, strictly speaking, this wasn’t for the children.  It’s for my own aesthetic pleasure as well as to encourage more input from the parents.  The original family tree we had on the wall was… Well, let’s just say not very inviting.  Only half the class brought in family photos to display.  If I were more creative, I’d try to involve the children in this project…  But every other wall is covered (not by my choice) with children’s artwork already, maybe I can just have this one?


I used some cardboard boxes from Costco, some double sided tape, a lot of twine, and about four hours at home.

I used some cardboard boxes from Costco, some double sided tape, a lot of twine, and about four hours at home.


這個周末, 想清理的廚房沒清到, 反而花了四小時手工縫了半張窗簾.

其實這是兩三個月前, 把片狀窗簾撤下來清洗時就埋下的伏筆. 當時覺得, 這個簾子好討厭, 愛生霉, 又不擋光(總是從細縫透光, 又害我覺得晚上從外面看得進來…) 就把它擱在一旁, 在窗框上別了一塊布暫用. Read More…