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Simple gesture

Pressing a few buttons on the phone is such a simple gesture; yet the thought that precedes it requires much effort and intention. It warms my heart to hear your voice. Thank you for the unexpected surprise. I appreciate it, very very much.


Sleep it off

How do you deal with being emotionally overwhelmed? I know some use alcohol (or other substances), some cry or scream or act out physically. Some like to talk about it with people, some like to ignore the issue and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Me? My natural defence mechanism is to go into hibernation. I sleep things off. Whether I’m angry, sad, panicking, or feeling a sense of doom; whenever it becomes emotionally overwhelming – I sleep, and let my subconscious take over. 

Surprisingly, it works incredibly well. I usually wake up feeling better and more ready to deal with whatever issue at hand. Sometimes I even wake up with solutions or inspirations! It usually is proportional too: the more emotional I get, the longer I need to sleep before I’m ready to take on the world again.

I can’t help but feel that somehow, I’m connecting with a higher frequency when I shut off my conscious mind. My subconscious doesn’t stop dealing with the issue when I’m asleep. Therefore I’m so very grateful, that I’m being looked after; so very thankful for the peace and energy my sleep provides; and so very very lucky that I have good quality sleep.

Part of self-care is to figure out effective stress management strategies that work well. My top three include sleeping, writing, and good sex. Unfortunately the latter comes with too much of its own stress and complications at this point in my life, so I’m sticking with the first two.

Have you figured out what works for you? ;-)

Brief recess

After a few weeks of panic, anxiety, and being overwhelmed with the sheet volume of work involved in the move, I am physically removed from the nonstop chaos in Sydney. Finally, I’m able to take the time to rest, allow myself to just breathe, and let those stress hormones level out a bit. Underneath all the sweat and grime, is an ever-flowing, constant state of love and appreciation for all that’s happened and still to come.

It’s been such a whirlwind process; the aftermath still to be faced upon my return. Yet all along, I have been so very blessed, with great friends that have cheered me on and physically offered help. Really couldn’t have gotten where I am without them pulling me out of the state of defeat, steering me into the right direction, feeding me when I’ve neglected self-care, and of course, being extra pairs of hands and arms. So humbled by the kindness that people have shown. So very very grateful for all that had been accomplished.

I am so very very blessed… And though yet to come up with the HOW, I’ll make damn sure I give multitudes back to my dear friends and to this fabulous, kindness-filled wonderful world. My god you’re all awesome!!! Mwuahs!!!


Consciously, breathe.
Push aside all that occupy your mind and focus on the present.

Appreciate from within.
Travel to your cells and find gratitude for the fuels we burn.

Back to the centre.
Slow down the swings and remember…

Each moment is a brand new choice. 
Be present, be grateful, be full of light, warmth and love.

My emotions had been running wild…  I can psycho-analyse myself to death, dragging in influences from my past, from my childhood, from the ego, the weakness, the loneliness…  I can ride the moral high horse and judge myself left right and centre then come up with a million shoulds and shouldn’ts…  I can find excuses and rid myself of responsibilities for my actions…

But none of these are me, not any more.  I don’t see the point.  What I need, is to prescribe myself another dose of my own meditative-self-hypnosis.  I’ve grown so skilled and adept that a simple breathing exercise is enough to bring me back to centre.

We are the sum of our choices.  Each second, we have the opportunity to redefine ourselves.  So let that be now.  Choose love.  Choose the unselfish-love that radiate and glow wherever it touches.

This, is who I choose to be.  How about you?

Wake up happy

To open your eyes well rested.
To realise it’s five minutes before the alarm goes off.
To know you’re alone, but not lonely.
To be vibrating with energy, gratitude, and love.

Turns out I don’t need you to be happy.

I am my own happiness.




Light as a feather and full to the brim, this is the reality to top all dreams.

Thank you for waking me up.

Everything is awesome ; )

No time wasted

Time and time again I am surprised by the boys in my past.  Oh, the boys who were, at various stages of my life, “the most important” to me.  For whatever reason, we no longer reside in each others’ hearts in that way.  Yet the connections we’ve formed still linger, allowing you to give me warm fuzzy feelings (in a totally non-romantic way!).

I’d like to believe the influences we had on each other were more-good-than-bad.  At least, that’s how I see it… All the heartaches were worth the happy memories, were worth the lessons learnt.  You know I’m grateful, for everything you’ve experienced with me, that you’ve taught me, that you’ve done for me.

You, made me who I am today.  You made my youth colourful.  You gave me what I needed to keep on believing.

So I thank you, for the times we spent together.  No, it was not a waste.  I do not regret having devoted however much of my precious youth to you.  It couldn’t have been better spent any other way.

I sincerely hope that you feel the same way… and I wish you happiness, I wish you fulfillment, I wish you love.

Good luck.