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I’ve always been drawn to the power of language and words.  There are much more powerful forces in life of course, such as music, art, and more; but language, words, and writing, have always had a profound effect on me.

With the ease of access to the vast array of information out there, I find myself constantly searching through link after link, page after page, hungry for inspiration.  Every so often I read something that prompts new connections to form in my brain.  It makes me a little richer, a lot more grateful, for what is out there.

Then I came across Jason Silva, whose words are so eloquently strung they put me in awe.  The way he speaks, the messages he tries to convey, the images he engineers… indeed, like he says, makes you have to “reconfigure, upgrade your mental schemata, just to accommodate, just to take in, the scale of the experience” (The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck).

And what a blessing it is, to become awestruck, in the life that you lead.  To see for a second how our miniscule singularity fits in to the infinite vastness of this universe, to connect with the vibrations that carry through existence; it lifts me up from the worries of my daily life and fuels me with the motivation and energy to become better.  To do more, to improve myself, so I can in my own little way, spread the positive power I have been so blessed to experience.  I will learn more, process more, so that I may one day, have the capacity to strike a little awe into others.

Meanwhile, I’ll learn to appreciate the little things in life.  It shouldn’t take bigger, grander things for me to be in awe.  I want to appreciate the amazement in the webs of a spider, in the shine of full moon, and the smell of the ocean.  I will experience joy in the smell of coffee, the warmth of the sun, and the laughter of a child.

And I cannot help myself but to be awestruck, with the depth in your eyes, the gentleness in your soul, and the mind-blowing incredible awesomeness that is you.

[Day 34] My Man

If I were less IT literate and always needed support…
If I were less self-medicating and always needed looking after…
If I were emotionally weaker and always needed comforting…
If I were less independent and always needed someone to lean on…

Would the universe perhaps then conjure up the man that I needed?

Is that why I am still alone?
Because I am better than fine,
I am thriving on my own?

But I don’t want a man who needs to be needed.
I don’t want a man who craves to be a saviour.
I don’t want a man who seeks a weakling.
I don’t want a man who settles for an inferior.

I have an intense, passionate, all-encompassing love for that man,
who sees me as I am.
who wants to take on the challenge of reciprocating this love.

A man who wants a partner in life,
Someone to face challenges with,
Someone to confide their weakness in,
Someone to inspire and be inspired by.

I want a man who loves this world, together we will bring it more joy than ever.
I want a man who has passion, in more ways than one it will resonate within me.
I want a man who digs deep, because I expect him to respond to my big questions.
I want a man who more than anything, is kind to others and kind to himself.

I want a man who I will be proud to call mine,
and I know he will be proud to have this bouncy loving free spirit to call his :)


P.S. Yes.  In case you were wondering, totally inspired by your lack of IT skills miss Mochi…… XD

P.P.S. Yea totally had this in draft ready to go for a lazy day :P

[Day 20] Love me for…

What would you want to be most appreciated for (by your partner)?


A question I posed myself (and a friend) yesterday.  To clarify, given the choice, what quality or trait in your personality would you want your partner to love the most?

When two people decide to settle down together, inevitably, they will strongly influence each other.  You can’t help but become who they see you as, or want to see you become – that’s just what happens.  You’ll be encouraged to become what they like, and discouraged from displaying behaviour or thoughts that don’t align.  Am pretty sure I read somewhere that we even subliminally take in thoughts and feelings of the person next to us while we’re sleeping too… Which means that if your partner thought you were a great person with unlimited potentials, you are very likely to succeed; and vice versa if they think you will never achieve anything, you’ll have a very difficult uphill battle to fight.

So, to start answering my own question…  Read More…