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To see acts of bravery, to be a recipient of fearlessness.  It moves and humbles me to recognise the strength that goes with acting without guaranteed success.

I’ve never been one to try without being at least somewhat confident I’ll accomplish my goals.  It is one of my biggest fears, to give it my all, to do everything I can, and still be at risk of failing.  So when I see someone really trying, truly putting in all their efforts; they immediately gain respect.

“Try-hard”.  It has such negative connotations, but for what?  Why do we put down the people who show more courage and determination than ourselves?  Maybe they don’t succeed, maybe they fail miserably.  But they’re willing to risk it.  I know I don’t have the courage to take that risk…

But perhaps I should.  Do what I want to, rather than what I should.  Maybe I should put my stubbornness to good use and keep at it, just because.

Inspired.  Humbled.

Less fear.  More effort.

I can try hard too!


[Day 19] Clarity

No longer shattered, no loose pieces… I’m not so broken after all!  Woke up with the joy that I am surprisingly resilient and just, well, back to happy.


Like throwing pebbles in a lake… It bounces across the surface, causes splashes and sends out ripple after ripple.  Yet the waves eventually stop, peace is restored, and the lake is a little richer yet unchanged.


I am still me.  A little wiser; a lot more inspired.


Thank you my angels, for letting me see with clarity what I want, need, and deserve.  Those three things may not overlap very much right now, but one day they will align.  And I will be, everything to him as he will be to me.  <3