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[Day 43]
Funny how it only truly feels like New Zealand after a walk in Cornwall Park…



[Day 40] Decade and a half

Back in my old neighbourhood after 15 years, I had the chance to walk the same path back from school, explore the same-old-but-different shops that were around, and look down a familiar drive way on my way back to my friend’s house where I’m staying.

Looking at my old neighbour’s house, I remembered how nice they were and how connected this old kiwi couple was to my dad. I wanted to express my gratitude, so I bought some flowers and wanted to place them on the doorstep. A lady came out around the house. It was not my old neighbours house anymore. I explained what I was doing on their door step and what fond memories I had of the old couple that used to live here. She said there’s been at least another couple before them that had the house…

So, no flowers for dear old Mr. and Mrs. Simpson after all. I wanted to leave the flowers but she insisted I take it and give it to my friends.

It’s looking good on their table! : )

P.S. I miss this beautiful place so much… Local shops and cafe are still so quaint and cosy, and the people are still lovely, kind and oh-so-friendly. Perhaps there will be more of this in my future? ; )