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embracing the pain

The struggle is, I know I am a person of extremes. With me there’s only ever two modes: it’s either radiant sunshine or catastrophic destruction; it’s absolute discipline or complete indulgence; it’s love or indifference; it’s all or nothing. 

So no, I can’t have mediocrity. I will never settle for less than soul crushing. For I am a phoenix who will rise from burnt ashes. I am a super-saiyan, extreme trauma required for transformation. I am a diamond in formation, the more pressure I endure, the more precious I’ll become.

The universe will only pose challenges you are worthy of facing. So come at me with the anguish and pain. I’ll keep bleeding till I leak only light.


Human Capacity


Heart-breaking truths that resonate through to the depth of your soul. There are a lot of things that are unjust with the world… As a teacher, to advocate for the children, to let their voices be heard; that, is something that drives me, gives me purpose, and the meaning of life.

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Empathy is a crazy thing. As a child, I was naive and unaware of how precious life was. I didn’t understand hardship, I couldn’t empathise with struggles; I guess I had lived a privileged life. 

But as I grew to understand more of the world and how much of it couldn’t be under one’s control, I started to change. To even try to put myself in other’s shoes had devastating effects on my emotions. Pain, sickness, suffering… It is understandable that so many of us close ourselves off so we don’t feel it. 

Yet it is precisely the depth of pain that moves me. Humans have such capacity to withstand deep, violent emotions; it is incredible, marvellous and so humbling to witness such resilience. And it is precisely the sad greatness that awes me with how much more we must be capable of carrying joy, of spreading love…

So I carry on, let the sadness wash over me, and I keep on sitting with the pain of this world. It is what little I can do.


[Youtube] The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

“As soon as I’m in contact with beauty, the second thing that comes, usually, is pain.  And I think it’s almost a conditioned response, from having had that beauty crushed.” 

In much the same way, when I experience pure joy, a sense of sadness usually follows, from a conditioned response to that joy dissipating.

In the clip above, Eisenstein mentions how he hurts for the biosphere.  For me, I feel pain when I see the beauty in humanity.  There is so much beauty in every single one of us.  For that to be ignored, denied; for people to think/feel/act in destructive ways either towards themselves or others…  It brings me a deep sadness.

Yet, Eisenstein’s openness and compassion made me notice how beautiful it is to experience this sadness.  It takes great courage, to allow yourself to be that vulnerable, to feel pain, to grief.  Somehow I can see it as a blessing to feel this grief.  It is because my heart knows we can do better.  So let’s.