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Wake up happy

To open your eyes well rested.
To realise it’s five minutes before the alarm goes off.
To know you’re alone, but not lonely.
To be vibrating with energy, gratitude, and love.

Turns out I don’t need you to be happy.

I am my own happiness.


this little light of mine

Nothing better than being extremely febrile (above 39°C) to keep you bed-bound, floating in and out of consciousness for days on end. Well, with the help of paracetamol and even stronger drugs that mummy gave me, I was only really feverish for about three days. Unfortunately the dehydration and exhaustion added a couple more days to what seemed like perpetual horizontal constraint.

Normally I’d probably be really bummed out that I’ve wasted so many days of my holiday, but this time, I used this opportunity to internally explore, experiment and examine the changes that had been quietly happening within. I have been wanting to do good in this world for quite some time, perhaps ever since my not-so-realistic dream of finding a cure for cancer back in my teenage years. Slowly through a winding path I’ve made my way to teaching the very young. Early childhood education not only fulfils me, sparks my passion, but also gives me unlimited scope to learn and grow. Yet, there is more that I want to do.

Starting with people around me, I’ve committed to taking my own advice as much as I could and leading by example. I’ve reprogrammed my brain to not only always see the silver lining, but actually believe in the positive. And with these thoughts, I was able to visualise my optimism spreading to people. I hope to reach people with warmth and brightness, and I hope to inspire them to find their own light, then make it shine for a brighter world.

Am I sounding delirious? Perhaps. But I don’t care. I’m gonna let my little light shine.

[Day 20] Love me for…

What would you want to be most appreciated for (by your partner)?


A question I posed myself (and a friend) yesterday.  To clarify, given the choice, what quality or trait in your personality would you want your partner to love the most?

When two people decide to settle down together, inevitably, they will strongly influence each other.  You can’t help but become who they see you as, or want to see you become – that’s just what happens.  You’ll be encouraged to become what they like, and discouraged from displaying behaviour or thoughts that don’t align.  Am pretty sure I read somewhere that we even subliminally take in thoughts and feelings of the person next to us while we’re sleeping too… Which means that if your partner thought you were a great person with unlimited potentials, you are very likely to succeed; and vice versa if they think you will never achieve anything, you’ll have a very difficult uphill battle to fight.

So, to start answering my own question…  Read More…