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It must be true that people turn stupid when they’re in love.  I just can’t seem to find the right words to describe these feelings that I can’t contain.  These intense emotions that ooze out of every pore of my glowing skin.  These pulsating vibrations that shake up my insides and rearrange them in songs I can’t stop singing.  All I can do is keep on using the closest approximations in my very limited vocabulary.

Amazing perfection, beyond what I ever dared to dream of.  The most incredible, positive, happy, talented, creative, intuitive, ingenious, beautiful, understanding, expressive, thoughtful soul I have ever met.

That’s how I describe what I perceive.

Gratitude.  Thank the universe, thank the angels, thank god, thank all the powers that allowed this to happen.  And thank you, for taking a chance.  For making an effort.  For being open to possibilities.  Oh for simply existing as the amazing person you are.

That’s how I feel inside.

It’s what I never knew I was waiting for.
What I was always too scared to hope for.
What I didn’t realise I was looking for……


And now that I’ve found you, the rest of my life, begins.


[Day 39] You jump, I jump

In the end… It’s not about finding the perfect match.

It’s about finding the person who is willing to stick it out with you through the good and the bad.

The one who seek to improve themselves to be a better partner for you.

The one who will do everything they can, to be on your side, and by your side.

The one who will always listen to what you’re saying and respect it.

The one who will always have a soft spot for you.

The one who loves your smile and sees the world in your eyes.

The one who can’t help but brag about you.

The one who…

Despite not being everything you think you wanted, ends up being everything you ever needed.

You jump, I jump.

Come get me.