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Consciously, breathe.
Push aside all that occupy your mind and focus on the present.

Appreciate from within.
Travel to your cells and find gratitude for the fuels we burn.

Back to the centre.
Slow down the swings and remember…

Each moment is a brand new choice. 
Be present, be grateful, be full of light, warmth and love.

My emotions had been running wild…  I can psycho-analyse myself to death, dragging in influences from my past, from my childhood, from the ego, the weakness, the loneliness…  I can ride the moral high horse and judge myself left right and centre then come up with a million shoulds and shouldn’ts…  I can find excuses and rid myself of responsibilities for my actions…

But none of these are me, not any more.  I don’t see the point.  What I need, is to prescribe myself another dose of my own meditative-self-hypnosis.  I’ve grown so skilled and adept that a simple breathing exercise is enough to bring me back to centre.

We are the sum of our choices.  Each second, we have the opportunity to redefine ourselves.  So let that be now.  Choose love.  Choose the unselfish-love that radiate and glow wherever it touches.

This, is who I choose to be.  How about you?


Shine bright

When the day is long and the world gets loud, let me be the warmth you return to.

When you tire from being strong and brave, let me be the comfort that supports you.

When doubts arise and you question your path, let me be the constant that reassures you.

When you make mistakes or grow regrets, let me share your burden, and listen, not judge.

Let me be there for you through the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the pretty and the ugly.

Let me be your strength, your passion, your inspiration.

For you are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars…

IMG_8631Let me, light up your life.



I remember when we used to laugh like this everyday. I am glad we still bring this out in each other.  Feeling very blessed, thank you for masking my abs hurt from laughing so hard.

[Day 48] still getting over the trip…